The Tools Of Stropping

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The Tools Of Stropping

The Tools Of Stropping

In my experience the Veritas plates have to be lapped to work well for abrasives that fine. Cast Iron laps are dimensionally stable and can therefore be and remain very flat. If processed properly Iron laps don’t contain harder abrasive particles of their own that would scratch the tool, such as carbides. Iron is soft enough to “hold” abrasive particles in place and thereby lap harder tool steel without being worn down itself. This may seem counter-intuitive, but softer materials tend to preferentially lap harder ones for this reason.

I like stones that are glued to a triangular piece of wood that you can hold in your hand. A different sharpening stone—medium, fine and ultra fine—is glued on each side of the triangular wood. You start sharpening on the medium side if the knife is very dull, then move to the fine side, and finish up on the ultra fine side. If you push any of the tools or strop them from side to side, you are liable to cut the leather. Stropping is rarely as rigorous as sharpening, but the strokes should be long and firm.

Garrett Wade also sells a handy palm-sized diamond stone about the size and shape of a computer mouse, that is great for axes and machetes. This one is really course, with 220 and 360-grit sides. Similar steps are still necessary, but the recent development of high-quality man-made water stones has made the process faster and results in better edges. They cut quickly, and, in our opinion, produce the best edges of any. Waterstones are ideal for this, because they cut so quickly.

Personal Tools

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  • The strop material most people use is some form of leather with some amount of give.
  • Afterward, hold your strop still, and start slightly moving the blade away from the cutter.
  • The second is to enable fine sharpening at the edge of a curved tool.
  • If you carve more by planing the wood, a straight bevel might be best for you.

With even a striated edge will cut wood well on the lathe. Most people, BTW, use turning tools directly off a 120 or 220 grit wheel and many never remove the burr. The spinning wood takes the burr off the edge in seconds but the rough edge still cuts the wood. I used the Tormek water wheel for years before going to a 600 grit CBN which I found too coarse, even though it was finer than what most use. There seem to be relatively few woodturners stropping although some do dress an edge with a diamond hone. Besides, you know, actually cutting wood, there are various other quick sharpness tests you can do.

Oak Wood Leather Sharpening Strop

Also, many communities have groups of whittlers that meet, hang out and carve. Just remember that no matter where you whittle, always clean up after yourself.Ever wonder how to make a Pinewood Derby car? Aside from the obvious things, like sticks and worms…, other animals, like simple birds, are great starter projects.

stropping guide for wood carving tools

If the bends in your blade get bad, you can run into problems. This happens often, therefore, I’d recommend fixing any bends before you make a bad cut or hurt yourself. You could also use a belt to straighten out the blade.

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I always strop my chip carving knives and they are (have to be!) extremely sharp. You can get honing/stropping compound at carving shops. This leather honing works better for horizontal sharpening and polishing, so this leather strop is best used with carving knives.

When grinding, it doesn’t make any difference in which direction the material is removed. You may cut toward or away from the cutting edge or even sideways because you get the same resultant burr. Once you’ve raised a burr across the entire surface, it is as sharp as it will get.

He’s a member of the National Wood Carvers Association and serves as vice president for the Kishwaukee Woodcarvers Club. For the past 35 years, he has owned a full-time carving business, The Carving Shop, in Somonauk, Illinois. Joe maintains a four to six year backlog of carving commissions. Sixty percent of his commission work is carving family histories into fireplace mantles. He also creates architectural carvings such as altars and statues for churches, doors, newel posts, and corbels and decorative panels for homes and businesses. In addition, he carves commercial patterns for castings and plastic molding.

5 Micron Diamond Spray 50k Grit Knife Tool Razor Strop 2oz (qty 1 Bottle)

I find many different suggestions for length of time between sharpening, from before and after every whittling session to once every 2-3 years. I assume that many of these suggestions are talking about different applications, tools, and even using terms wrong (honing or stropping vs. sharpening). I don’t have a sense as to whether it has enough compliance to be forgiving of that the way leather is. As we’ve discussed in other sharpening threads that may be why people have good luck with the green compound on leather despite the fact that it’s known to contain pretty large alumina particles.

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