Diaspora Engagement & Networking


We are a Diaspora advisory and consultancy desk formed with one thing in mind, supporting the Kenyan Diaspora community on the issues that affect them. The team behind the Diaspora consultancy has lived in the Diaspora for a number of years and still has others living in the Diaspora. They have experienced the challenges facing the Diaspora and can therefore relate very well with the needs. The Diaspora community has been suffering and continues to suffer due to lack or wrong information.
• We provide high-quality Diaspora consultancy services which including legal, company registration, and business training and surveys among others as outlined below.
• We offer efficient and cost-effective financial consultancy, Sacco’s training, internal and external audits;
• We facilitate exhibitions and expos and opportunities for business networking
Our Services
o Individual/Group Legal services
o Sacco’s Registration & management training
o Company registration
o Business surveys and Audit
o Financial Consultancy services
o Exhibitions and expos
o Business networking & Investment opportunities